Vanwah Maragh

I am: Grateful to have supportive friends and family 

Born in: Kingston, Jamaica 

Proudest Moment: Graduating University

Biggest Challenge: Determining the optimal mix of work and self education.

Alarm Clock: Any bright light  

Perfect Day: Relaxing on a tropical beach with my friends and family, tons of coconut water, good music, fresh fruits, and an orange peel scented old fashion in my LEFT hand. 

First Job: Bussing tables at Olive Garden 

 Superhero Power: I can drive a manual transmission (yes, I know, great power has been vested in me) 

 Favorite Neighborhood: Ironbound, Newark

Inspiration: Life and Family 

Favorite Quote: “When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” - Viktor Frankl 

Silver + Oak Is: A family of extremely talented and hardworking individuals that thrive off collectively helping each member of the family to grow professionally and personally