Sharon "SK" Robinson

I am: An entrepreneur, athlete, mom of 3 under the age of three.

Born in: And raised 18 yrs in South Korea. 

Proudest Moment: Breaking free of the office norm and carving my own path. Landing an endorsement deal with Under Armour. Buying my first condo in NYC. Marrying my hubby. Giving birth to three unbelievable kids in 12 months (twins+1).

Biggest Challenge: Wanting to do it all.

Alarm Clock: Tiny humans

Perfect Day: Sundays = Family time

First Job: School days - DKNY fit model, Post college- Hedge Accounting Firm
Superhero Power: Multi-tasking

Favorite Neighborhood: Downtown Jersey City
Inspiration: My husband is one of a kind. 

Favorite Quote: "Life is positively beautiful. Live it consciously. Be a blessing." - me
Nickname: "SK" for Sharon Kim/South Korea

Silver + Oak Is: My second home.