Reagan Barron

FOCUS: Residential Investements + Commercial Real Estate

Reagan’s diverse background brings a unique chemistry of service and attention to detail. Reagan is a knowlegable investor and real estate agent. Thanks to years of wrangling contractors, town officials and neighbors Reagan is a tough and graceful negotiator.

We lean on Reagan’s local knowledge and passion for research to dig up the deals and creative spaces. She brings that entrepreneurial spirit to her client relations and loves a like-minded risk taker with big ideas. Her background in compliance and administration helps her leverage the law for clients to bring their project to fruition.

Reagan loves to travel and speaks Spanish and is very active in her church community. Her weekends are spent with her husband and two young children in Red Bank. 

  • 2018 Silver and Oak Top Deal Strategist
  • Process driven and detailed
  • Extreme multi-tasker
  • Creative risk taker
  • An excellent listener
  • Has the local scoop