Jamila Aboushaca

 I am: never bored

Born in: Jersey City

Proudest Moment: coming to terms with who I am, and being happy with it
Biggest Challenge: putting fear of failure aside 
Alarm Clock: my boyfriend getting ready for work (yes he wakes up first)
Perfect Day: on top of a mountain, silent except the wind, no one around me .. just me & nothing & everything all at once - the boundary between human, nature, and supernatural
First Job: I had 2 at the same time - hostess at Bonefish Grill and retail at Abercrombie & Fitch... to be 17 again. 
Superhero Power: somehow getting by without folding clothes
Favorite Neighborhood: tied between Ironbound, Newark/Downtown Jersey City/Montclair 
Inspiration: taking the beauty of nature and incorporating it into the most intimate moments of my life
Favorite Quote: don't listen, go see... made it up, just to remind myself to experience things, rather than only reading about them
Silver + Oak Is: my sibling, growing together